Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mininova is Dead

A very sad day for all of us. It has come to a tragic moment when one of our favorite torrent sites are down. For everybody's sake, torrents are the new way of distributing software along the web, in other words, pirating games and everything in between.

It maybe harsh for people to get something for free especially in this case, movies, games, and etc... you name it, they have it....

Hit the link for a wimpy explanation...


Sunday, October 18, 2009

A failed Start: PSP Games without patching for 5.5+ firmware

It seems that the fresh start didn't go out well as planned. The homebrew scence is now patiently waiting for a better version of the 5.50 Gen-C Custom Firmware which can allow newer games to be loaded without the tedious patching (Like on new games such as Disgaea 2)

Hop on the Link to see how they're going to remedy this one

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gran Turismo for the PSP Fails to Impress Game Review Sites

The latest handheld racing game for the PSP has already been out in the wild. The firsthand game reviewers along the web had been vocal about the utter crap the game mechanics have.

With a high profile release and possibly a free game for PSP Go owners, it has failed to impress hardcore fans of the series.They have said that the Campaign mode is nowhere to be found and the other game aspects are lacking and unpolished.

Although GT 5 is too much compared to this mobile version, it has also some great Fluid gameplay to boast about. If you have your latest Decrypter with a Custom Firmware, you might be able to drive this Game to your Handheld to know how this really goes.

Another Overpriced Graphics card hits the stores

Imagine paying for a present generation console these days, They are usually around 200-300. But when you buy a graphics card which needs all the bare peripherals to run a pc game, you can just forget about the card.

No other game around these days can choke with most 4000 series graphics card by ATI. This is one card suited for enthusiasts. But anyway, here it is in all its glory.

Yes, this is yet another standard design. The present graphics card are utilizing the 40nm fabrication process which boosts performance and overclockability. 

But the real issue here is the price ($289) and the practicality of buying them, you can buy yourself an Xbox 360 or even just add a few bucks you can have a PS3.

They are talking for yet another "future proof" card due to having support of Direct X 11 but in all its glory, we might as wee wait for the prices to go down and even look for games that make a GPU weep like Crysis back in the days.

New PSP Decrypter that plays new games on old firmware

Yoshihiro is the man. Me and my friends have a hard time trying to figure out how to play the newest games over the dated yet still great 5.00 m33-6 custom firmware for the psp. But this one needs the GEN firmware. But at least you guys could do something about it other than whine about not being able to play Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy Dissidia or Motorstorm Arctic Edge and other higher-firmware games.

Developer's note:

Hi guyz this tool is here for let you use your original game backup on CFW 5.50 gen B-2. Not all games working because some games use some fact header on prx files.

How i can use this tool ?

  • first you need to install the GameZDecryptZ folder in your X:PSP/GAME  folder

  • put your EBOOT.BIN extracted from UMDGEN PSP_GAME/SYSDIR and put it on root of your memory stick

  • now you can boot game decrypter now you can press X 5 seconds later it's done :)

  • connect your usb cable check on root of your memory stick you have a new folder called decryptor

  • copy the eboot.bin from the decryptor folder inside umdgen and rebuild your iso
    Download: Yoshihiro's 5.55 & 6.00 games decrypter
    Download: UMDGen v4.00

    All the files needed are already here so make sure you are going for the almost one way ticket to Gen firmwares. Enjoy otherwise.

PSP GO Disassembled

The Psp Go in all its glorious insides. It has the same and old technology from the old Psp Phat, Slim, Bright. The thing can be dissasembled with no worries although removing the battery will void the warranty. So there may be a one way ticket if there will be pandora down the road.

Cwcheat: A must for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

When the going gets tough, the tough needs a helping hand. In this case, a PSP gamer can find Monster Hunter Freedom Unite to be extremely hard, they have the option to find a helping hand to the game albeit only the essentials.

Cwcheat is a cheat plugin for the PSP console with custom firmware. Any game can be cheated with this handy app. But of course, we don’t want to spoil the game, we need moderation and it needs to be limited to the basic things you may need.

What you need are the following. Auto paint bosses, Visible Monster HP counter, 99 box items. If you may know, these can alleviate the trouble of repainting monsters over and over during your quest, It can also lessen the things inside your limited inventory.

Also the Visible Monster HP counter is a blessing for most hunters, Often other monsters like Yian Garuga takes forever to die, you can now gauge your progress with it. Also, you can know the damage of your weapon or elements to compare it with others.

The 99 box item cheat can make it better for you to eliminate farming. If you are tired of hunting for basic items especially those sonic bombs and healing times, you can rest easy and concentrate on the hunt.

Other than that, the overall difficulty of the game can now be alleviated with the “help” of these things. Just make sure you have the proper custom firmware before proceeding to install this. It only takes a few minutes to install the app, a restart and you can be on your way to having a better hunting life in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

If you also want some ingame guides over the Cwcheat text viewer, feel free to go over MHF Compendium to see what you are missing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The decline of Video Gaming in 3rd world countries....

Video Games has been and will always be a great form of entertainment. It has been on the mainstream since the 90's. But this time around, it has come down to a stage where the penetration of video gaming to the masses has stopped to the point of being played only by the rich and for fully developed countries.

Let us take a look at how gaming is played by casual gamers all over the world. Piracy is one of the aspects that boosts game popularity and the likes, it has been a catalyst for making it known for many people. These days, urbanized or not, everybody pirates games, everybody.... did i leave everybody out? I really mean everybody.

But the topic is on the decline of video gaming and not into piracy. Video Gaming has declined after the era of the PS1. The introduction of the PS2 marked the new age of gaming which most mark it as the decline of gaming. It is not on the quality of the games that has effect upon, it is all about the price of the console.

 On a side note, Sega and Nintendo's consoles have no impact on the worldwide gaming, they are only for developed countries that play them, not onto the poor.

Consoles are overpriced at its launch stage and made it suitable for the suckers patrons that buy them, or shall we say hardcore gamers. Third world country gamers only salivate and envy privileged gamers that already have the PS2 then.

Let us not talk about the price of the games as most will know these days, you can afford a new console for just buying 5 games. The days when the PSX was in its peak, the games are all bootlegged and sells less than a dollar in most parts of the world.

Games can also be copied but the price of the console is too high for most gamers. It has only been on the 2005 that the PS2 was priced for the masses again, hence making it open for poor gamers. But the trouble is, the games are all outdated and overshadowed by new ones from the next generation of consoles, yet the cycle continues.

The unbelievable hype of the best first person shooter's sequel

In these times of being a gamer, one might actually get tired of watching the same old sh*t in most gaming websites. They often make it not worthwhile to read due to updates being done everyday and almost everytime, it is just the same content a few days back.

I don't really give a flying f*ck on how great the game is. It is usually annoying to real gamers out there. What I am pertaining to is Modern Warfare 2. The game has been overhyped and milked like there's no tommorow, much like MGS4's hype campaign.

Nobody wants a good game to get raped by its sequel. But this time around, it may be the case with MW2. Look at Kotaku, QJ, Gamespot and the likes... most of it have garbage content recycled from day in and day out.

 In my honest and humble opinion, the game will suck. It has come to the point where the best game has been ass*ucked to get milked like I said earlier. Too many killstreaks, guns are ugly, throwing knives, and etc... also, who would want to go in a battlefield with a riot shield? anyone?

If we want to compare it to other titles that have crappy sequels, let us remember a good game not long ago.
The game will then be another example of Battlefield 2 transitioning to Battlefield 2142. Look at the game, it does su*k and will stay that way.

But going back to the topic, the hype is pretty overwhelming and makes a real COD4 player just play COD4 and not MW2. Sure, they have begged and dropped their knees to explain it not being COD6 because they don't want to have the aftertaste of COD5 from the gaming community.

The media has been a great tool for marketing games but it can be another tool to destroy a game title, and for this example, Modern Warfare 2.