Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Real Gaming Music of the Last Gen Till Today

Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater 2
It is the time when the Tony Hawk game franchise is flourishing. It was full of great music. Nothing was comparable to the modern tracks over the psp versions in the later years. This has to be the definitive THPS game in terms of music.

Best Track/s: Millencolin-No Cigar

Fallout 3
The hunter from the game is a far cry. It has an RPG element to it and you can have tons of fun just prowling over the post-apocalyptic world of Washington DC. The game has an onslaught of DLC and it has made the game still great to play today. This gaming gem has one of the old times’ sound to it. Just listen to the track “way back home” and you’ll get addicted.

Best Track: Way Back Home 

Me and My Katamari
The pinnacle of the greatness in music in a game. The game itself is very addictive and if you even dig the music, it will be more addictive. It was made to use japanese talent musicians to make it better, it did. The psp version even if it was short, it has tons of music to enjoy from and perfectly matches the mood of the gameplay.

Best Track/s: Every one of them

Call of Duty 4
Listen to the OST and it was and will be kickass, a feat where a one-time goodness is really rare these days. Captain price was really one of the most iconic characters for hardcore gamers all over the world. The game features tracks that have great distortion sound and are in perfect fit of the gameplay.

Best Tracks: Airlift mission and Credits song

Chili Con Carnage
Mexican Music at its finest. You can listen to the main menu music and bop your head to its delicious sounds. It has tracks that can alleviate playing over a handheld. It was a good game plus a great OST to boot. Wait till you see the gay sh*t there and you'll only listed to their sounds dying.

Best Tracks: Delinquent Habits-Return of the Tres

In a game of an FPS where its really not trying to scare you. It is just plain awesome to play especially with the multiple unlocks of weapons and upgrades. It has a great music which can be found on the classic vinyl player scattered all over the game. Hear those "get some craving over the circus of values" or whatever the hell it was sounding over those vending machines

Best Tracks: Papa Loves Mambo

Cabal Online
This is super rare. If you happen to stumble upon its OST, you can hear it over dungeon missions. But if you hear the whole soundtrack, it'll get you pumped. This is mostly of techno beats added with distorted guitars. Most of it was made by a band named Novasonic, they may be Korean as far as I know. This game is full of win and great music to start with.

Best Tracks: All songs from Novasonic

Need for Speed Underground 2
Need I say more? This is fu*cking determined to be one of the best games with the best soundtracks anywhere. There are tracks from bands such as Black Betty, Mudvayne, Skindred and many more. There are rap tracks too, one is from Snoop Dogg with the Riders from the storm which is a “The Doors” song remixed

Best Tracks: Mudvayne-Determined

Need for Speed Most Wanted
Yes, I love this game because of the sounds. If you listen to the likes of Prodigy, Static-x,
Best Track: Nine Thou-Various Artists
All of the rest was thrash and way gayish like the Sh*t from Carbon, Prostreet, Undercover. All went down the drain during these times.

Half-life 2 series
What? I couln’t even get to the part where I don’t like the sound in here. Its all techno and good to the last thump.
Best Track: Each techno/rave song instance

Twisted Metal 3
Rob Zombie was too good in this game, it was not for his.

Twisted Metal 4
Try Cypress Hill. All of the other TM’s after this had sh*t music. I tried twisted metal black and it was craptastic.
Best Track/s: Cypress Hill 

10. Halo 1
Arguably, this is one of the best and remembered sounds for the original xbox and the pc.
Best Track: Main Theme

9. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
If you don’t know this, you aren’t a gamer. Just listen to the clock tower music and you know its kickass.
Best Track: Clocktower Music

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Pumpin’ Kickass Music for people that know how to define it.
Best Track: Hugos’ Stage Theme

8. Final Fantasy 7
This was the sex of video games in 1997. Nothing was close to it, of course in any real-gamers out there. Back then, there was no internet to speak of. It was just all about gaming on consoles and FF7 was the definitive title to be the best RPG game of all time.
Best Track: Aeris Theme

Best and only track: Still Alive

Who Was the Opposite on the list?

Most cheap games out there. New THPS OST's, Each and evey RPG out there right now (or at least most of them).

The reality of OST these days - There are only a few if not just very rare moments where you can actually hear quality music over games these days. Mainstream rock has been declining and went down the drain. At least that’s my opinion. Everything is emoish and gayness full of shit and retarded music which was even way overshadowed by pop music. I really dn't even like most of the pop or mainstream rock songs right now. Perhaps the next decade will give us a slew of great new artists to grace videogames all over again.

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